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AGENDA ITEM NO. 1 <br />MEETING DATE: September 10, 2019 <br />TO: Public Health and Safety Committee <br /> <br />FROM: Ursula Euler, Finance Director <br /> <br />SUBJECT: TCPD Update of Indigent Defense Services Rendered <br />1) Attachments: <br />A. None <br />2) Recommended Action: <br />None <br />3) Background: <br />The city out -sourced its municipal court in 2013. It entered into a contract <br />with the Thurston County Office of Assigned Counsel, now known as <br />Thurston County Public Defense (TCPD), for legal representation services for <br />indigent persons charged with criminal offenses by the City of Tumwater. <br />The service scope includes representation for each defendant from <br />arraignment through trial, sentencing, post -trial review and any appeals. <br />The TCPD assures that professional staff are available for interviewing <br />and/or counseling individuals and defendants held in custody as needed on a <br />twenty-four hour basis per day, and that defendants held in custody pending <br />trail are interviewed in a timely manner in accordance with established <br />professional standards. <br />County Public Defender staff will present an overview of their work. <br />4) Alternatives: <br />❑ None <br />5) Fiscal Notes: <br />The current contract was extended in 2018 and is in effect through 2019 and <br />2020. The contracted service payments for those two years are $608,700. <br />