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AGENDA ITEM - 4 <br /> Meeting Date —April 18, 2019 <br /> TO: Civil Service Commission <br /> FROM: Heidi Behrends Cerniwey, Civil Service Examiner <br /> SUBJECT: Modified Eligibility for Hire List: Entry Level Police Officer <br /> 1. References <br /> Results of Testing for Entry Level Police Officer <br /> Proposed list <br /> 2. Action Requested/Staff Recommendation <br /> Move to approve the proposed modified eligibility for hire list for Entry Level <br /> Police Officer. <br /> 3. History and Facts Brief: <br /> Candidates who pass the written examination and <br /> physical ability test process are invited to the City's oral board examination <br /> when there is a need for new candidates. Those candidates with the highest <br /> scores receive the first invitations to participate in the oral board examination. <br /> Candidates are ranked on the basis of their combined score on a written and oral <br /> exam. <br /> Candidates are contacted with their test results and given five working days to <br /> appeal or protest their scores. After a list is approved by the Commission, the <br /> candidates will be allowed to be on the list for twelve months. Candidates can <br /> have their names renewed for another year if approved by the Commission. <br /> Names may be added to the eligibility list at any monthly meeting of the <br /> Commission. <br /> 4. Discussion and Alternatives: <br /> Options for the Commission include: <br /> Modify the list as proposed. <br /> Do not modify the list as proposed. <br />