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TUMWATER CITY COUNCIL JOINT MEETING WITH <br />TUMWATER PARKS & RECREATION TASK FORCE <br />MINUTES OF MEETING <br />December 12, 2017 Page 1 <br />CONVENE: 5:34 p.m. <br />PRESENT: Mayor Pete Kmet and Councilmembers Joan Cathey, Eileen Swarthout, <br />Ed Hildreth, Nicole Hill, Neil McClanahan, Debbie Sullivan, and Tom <br />Oliva. <br />Staff: City Administrator John Doan, City Attorney Karen Kirkpatrick, <br />Assistant City Administrator Heidi Behrends Cerniwey, Police Chief <br />Jon Weiks, Fire Chief Scott LaVielle Community Development <br />Director Michael Matlock, Parks and Recreation Director Chuck <br />Denney, Finance Director Ursula Euler, Golf Operations Manager Dave <br />Nickerson, Communications Manager Ann Cook, Recreation Manager <br />Todd Anderson, Facilities Manager Stan Olson, and Recording <br />Secretary Valerie Gow. <br />Parks & Recreation Task Force Members: Erin Carrier, Amy Hargrove, <br />Mike Culley, Kelly Stowe, Terry Bullock, Charles Schneider, Joel <br />Hansen, Henry Valz, Dee Schouweiler, and Rob Warner. <br />PARKS & Director Denney reported the Parks & Recreation Community Survey <br />HOUSING was prompted through discussions with the Tumwater Parks & <br />COMMUNITY Recreation Task Force during several meetings discussing prior surveys <br />SURVEY: and input from the public over the last several years. Everyone agreed a <br />new survey was warranted to help identify what Tumwater residents <br />would like for parks and recreation today and in the future, as well as <br />options for funding parks and recreation in the future while maintaining <br />existing facilities. With funding approval by the Parks and Recreation <br />Commission for the survey, the City contracted with Stuart Elway, <br />Elway Research, to conduct a statistically valid community survey. <br />Staff and the Council developed the survey questions over several <br />months. <br />Director Denney introduced Stuart Elway, who reviewed highlights of <br />the community survey. The survey of 853 Tumwater residents was <br />conducted online between October 24 and November 5, 2017 with a + <br />or - 4.2% margin of sampling error. The survey profile for each <br />individual identified gender, age, home ownership/rental, household <br />demographics, employment, and income level. <br />Samples of survey questions included: <br />• City Parks well -used — respondents were asked to rate their use <br />of City park facilities <br />• Use of Recreation Programs — respondents were asked to rate <br />