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<br />AGENDA ITEM NO. 7a <br />MEETING DATE: November 2, 2015 <br /> <br />TO: City Council <br /> <br /> <br />FROM: Jay Eaton, Public Works Director <br /> <br /> <br />SUBJECT: Assumption of Transportation Benefit <br />Ordinance No. O2015-013, <br />District (TBD) by City Council <br /> <br /> <br />1) Attachments: <br /> <br />A.Ordinance No. O2015-013 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />2) Recommended Action: <br />Staff recommends that the City Council consider public testimony in <br />consideration and discussion of Ordinance No. O2015-013 providing for the <br />City Council to assume the rights, powers, functions and obligations of the <br />TBD; abolish the TBD Board of Directors and bring TBD policies and <br />procedures in line with City Council Rules and Procedures. <br /> <br /> <br />3) Background: <br />On September 16, 2014 the Tumwater City Council adopted Ordinance <br />No. O2014-019 establishing the Tumwater TBD and establishing the <br />governing body to be the City Council acting in ex officio and independent <br />capacity. <br /> <br />The 2015 Legislature included within its transportation funding bill, 2ESSB <br />5987, Chapter 44, Laws of 2015, 3 Special Session, a number of changes to <br />rd <br />the laws governing transportation benefits districts (TBDs). Section 301 of <br />2ESSB 5987 provides that a city, in which a transportation benefit district has <br />been established pursuant to RCW 36.73 and with boundaries coterminous <br />with the boundaries of the City, may by ordinance or resolution assume the <br />rights, powers, functions and obligations of the transportation benefit district. <br /> <br />Assumption of the TBD by the City Council would abolish the Board of the <br />TBD providing for more efficient governance of the TBD by the Tumwater City <br />Council. The rules, regulations and pending business of the TBD would be <br />continued by the Council. <br /> <br />SR 2015-042ccph <br /> <br /> <br />