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AGENDA ITEM NO. Sa <br />MEETING DATE: September 17, 2013 <br />TO: City Council <br />council <br />FROM: John Doan, City Administrator <br /> <br />RE: Ordinance No. 02013 -016; Plastic Bag Regulation <br />1) References (List only those attached) <br />A. Proposed Ordinance No. 02013 -016 <br />B. Thurston County background materials on plastic, single -use carryout <br />bags <br />C. August 12, 2013 letter from Thurston County Commission. <br />2) Action Requested / Staff Recommendation <br />Conduct a public hearing and consider the adoption of a plastic bag <br />regulation. <br />3) History and Facts Brief <br />The attached materials provide information on the history of the plastic bag <br />issue. Additional information and public input are available at the County's <br />Solid Waste website at: <br /> /sohdwaste /recychn /g rec cy ling- plastics.htm <br />The Thurston County Commissioners are scheduled to hold a public hearing <br />and consider this ordinance at their September 24 1 h meeting. <br />4) <br />Discussion & Alternatives <br />❑ Adopt the proposed ordinance as drafted at this time <br />❑ Modify the proposed ordinance <br />❑ Postpone the adoption of the ordinance <br />❑ Some other course of action. <br />5) Fiscal Notes <br />There is minimal impact to the City from the adoption of the ban. Public <br />education and enforcement of the ordinance would be done by the County <br />Solid Waste Program. <br />