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• Residents who are asked to leave the Camp because of alcohol or drug use must <br />complete a treatment program before they reapply for residence in the Camp. <br />• No pets are allowed in camp. <br />• Residents who leave or are evicted from the Camp must collect all their <br />belongings within seven days of their departure. <br />• New residents will be on probation for 30 days. During this time, they will be <br />mentored by another resident to help them adapt to Camp life. <br />• When a resident has a grievance against another resident that the two cannot <br />solve, the conflict will be resolved at the Sunday evening Camp meeting. <br />• All Camp residents are representatives of the Camp when they are in the <br />community. For this reason, it is important that all Camp residents show respect <br />for the neighborhood, the church, and the community. <br />• All new residents meet with the Camp's Resident Advocate and set life goals that <br />they commit to work toward achieving. Working on this plan is a condition of <br />residence in the Camp. The Camp's Resident Advocate may share information <br />with Camp officers about whether a resident is working to make progress on his <br />or her plan. Officers will hold this information in confidence, and will use it to <br />impose disciplinary measures for non-compliance. <br />Camp governance <br />Camp Quixote is governed by the Resident Council. All Camp members vote to elect a <br />Council president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. Elections are held every six <br />months, on the last Sunday in April and September. If a vacancy occurs between these <br />times, a special election may be held to fill it <br />Camp officers, acting together as the Leadership Team, are authorized to enforce Camp <br />rules between meetings. Violation of Camp rules results in write-ups. Three write-ups <br />require that the resident leave the Camp for three days. When the resident returns to <br />Camp, he or she will be "on contract" for 30 days, which means that any violation can <br />result in permanent eviction from the Camp. Anv violation of the basic code of conduct <br />is grounds for immediate and permanent eviction. <br />Residents may appeal a decision of the Leadership Team at a Sunday night meeting. <br />However, until the meeting, the decision of the Leadership Team stands. <br />12 <br />