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AGENDA ITEM NO. 2 <br />MEETING DATE: September 24, 2019 <br />TO: City Council <br /> <br />FROM: John Doan, City Administrator <br /> <br />SUBJECT: Bush Prairie Farm Tour <br />1) Attachments: <br />A. Map <br />2) Recommended Action: <br />This is a tour of Bush Prairie Farm located at 8400 Old Highway 99 SE, <br />Tumwater, WA 98501. <br />3) Background: <br />Owners Mark and Kathleen Clark outreached Mayor Kmet to suggest a tour <br />of the Bush Prairie Farm. Both Council and the Historic Preservation <br />Commission have been invited. Bush Prairie Farm is an important part of <br />Tumwater's history. Mark and Kathleen have worked to turn the farm into <br />community supported agriculture and have hosted archeological digs. The <br />tour and discussion are expected to last 1 -hour. Comfortable walking shoes <br />are recommended. A vanpool will leave City Hall at 5:20 p.m. Seating is <br />limited but there are still spaces available. If you would like to reserve your <br />seat, contact Hanna Miles at <br />4) Alternatives: <br />None. <br />5) Fiscal Notes: <br />There is no cost associated with the tour. <br />