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AGENDA ITEM - 3 <br /> Meeting Date —April 18, 2019 <br /> TO: Civil Service Commission <br /> FROM: Heidi Behrends Cerniwey, Civil Service Examiner <br /> SUBJECT: Modify Examination: Entry Level Firefighter <br /> 1. References <br /> Entry Level Firefighter Process (exam plan overview) <br /> 2. Action Requested/Staff Recommendation <br /> Move to authorize the modified examination plan for Entry Level Firefighter. <br /> 3. History and Facts Brief: <br /> A new Entry Level Firefighter examination plan was approved at the February <br /> 28, 2019 meeting. The plan ends the method of continuous testing (CSR 2.19) <br /> which began in 2016. The process provides a predictable schedule for each step <br /> in the process, add a new screening interview step, and move requirements for <br /> passing the Certified Physical Ability Test (CPAT) to later in the process. The <br /> Commission requested to review results of the new process within one year of <br /> the recruitment. <br /> Following the exam approval on 2/28/2019, Public Safety Testing completed <br /> additional evaluation and recommended changes to the rating dimensions, based <br /> on the data provided by subject matter experts. The recommended exam plan <br /> changes are attached. The recruitment was posted on March 15, 2019. <br /> 4. Discussion and Alternatives: <br /> Options for the Commission include: <br /> Approve as proposed. <br /> Modify and approve. <br /> Do not approve. <br />