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TUMWATER PARKS & RECREATION 2017 TASK FORCE <br />MINUTES OF MEETING <br />April 19, 2017 Page 1 <br />CONVENE: 7:02 p.m. <br />PRESENT: Task Force Members: Mayor Pete Kmet; Councilmember Tom <br />Oliva; Chuck Denney, Parks & Recreation Director; Todd <br />Anderson, Recreation Manager; Stan Osborn, Parks and Facilities <br />Manager; Erin Carrier, Parks and Recreation Commission; Trent <br />Grantham, Parks & Recreation Commission; Terry Bullock, Parks & <br />Recreation Commission; Charles Schneider, Community Volunteer; <br />Ben Briggs, Tumwater Soccer Club; Stefanie Randolph, Capital <br />Bicycling Club; Dave Vernon, Retired; Dee Schouweiler, Tumwater <br />Youth Program Volunteer; Henry Valz, Teacher, Black Hills High <br />School; Nancy Bishop, OTC Senior Council; Lindsey Graham, <br />Tumwater High School Student; Macy Bergford, Tumwater High <br />School Student; Michelle Sadlier, Tumwater Historic Preservation <br />Commission; Rob Warner, South Sound Foursquare <br />Church/Tumwater High School Baseball Coach; and Tim Graham, <br />Tumwater High School Athletic Director. <br />Staff: City Administrator John Doan and Recording Secretary Tom <br />Gow. <br />WELCOME, Manager Anderson shared information about the Tumwater Youth <br />INTRODUCTORY Program (TYP). The program hosts a Friday night event during the <br />REMARKS, & school year, teen trips in the summer, and a week-long camping trip <br />INTRODUCTIONS: for teens in the summer. The program is supported by volunteers. <br />The River's Edge Restaurant is sponsoring a fundraiser for TYP on <br />Thursday, April 27. A percentage of restaurant sales will be donated <br />to the TYP. Manager Anderson encouraged everyone to consider <br />dining at the River's Edge Restaurant on April 27 in support of the <br />TYP. <br />Everyone present provided self -introduction and information on <br />their respective area of interest. <br />Rob Warner asked about the differences in City commissions <br />represented on the Task Force. Erin Carrier explained that the Parks <br />and Recreation Commission is one entity with members appointed <br />by the City Council. Director Denney said the Commission <br />considers issues in the parks and recreation arena and provides <br />policy recommendations to the City Council. The Historic <br />Preservation Commission is another advisory body the Parks and <br />Recreation Department supports. The Historic Preservation <br />Commission oversees activities related to historic properties in the <br />City and within the City's Historic District. <br />Mayor Kmet added that the Historic Preservation Commission also <br />recommends policies similar to the Parks and Recreation <br />