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TUMWATER PARKS & RECREATION 2017 TASK FORCE <br />MINUTES OF MEETING <br />April 12, 2017 Page 1 <br />CONVENE: <br />7:05 p.m. <br />PRESENT: Task Force Members: Chuck Denney, Parks & Recreation Director; <br />Todd Anderson, Recreation Manager; Erin Carrier, Parks and <br />Recreation Commission; Charles Schneider, Community Volunteer; <br />Joel Hansen, Planning Commission; Bill Kallappa, Parks & <br />Recreation Commission; Dee Schouweiler, Tumwater Youth <br />Program Volunteer; Nancy Bishop, OTC Senior Council; Lindsey <br />Graham, Tumwater High School Student; Macy Bergford, <br />Tumwater High School Student; Rob Warner, South Sound <br />Foursquare Church/Tumwater High School Baseball Coach; Ben <br />Briggs, Tumwater Soccer Club; Dave Vernon, Citizen; Henry Valz <br />Black Hills High School; Terry Bullock, Parks & Recreation <br />Commission; Tom Oliva, Tumwater Councilmember; Joan Cathey, <br />Tumwater Councilmember; and Pete Kmet, Mayor. <br />Staff. Finance Director Ursula Euler and Recording Secretary <br />Valerie Gow. <br />WELCOME & Director Denney welcomed everyone. <br />INTRODUCTIONS: <br />Everyone present provided self -introduction. <br />OPTIONS TO FUND Director Denney introduced Ursula Euler, Finance Director. <br />IMPROVEMENTS: Director Euler presented information on potential financing options. <br />Mayor Kmet reported he emailed an introduction memorandum to <br />members to provide some context on the desired goal to accomplish, <br />as well as a copy of the previous meeting presentation and a link to <br />the City's Park, Recreation and Open Space Plan. <br />Director Euler reported the goal of her presentation is to provide <br />information on the City's main funding options, pros and cons, and <br />limitations. The City has three funding options. Some of the <br />funding sources are under consideration for other funding needs of <br />the City. <br />The City operates under a General Fund Budget that provides for <br />and funds all general government services. General government <br />services are funded from numerous funding sources with property <br />tax and sales tax as the two primary sources of income. The third <br />largest source of funds is generated from utility taxes. Other sources <br />of revenue include Parks and Recreation user fees of approximately <br />$370,000 for the City's two-year budget. <br />A majority of expenditures in the General Fund are for police and <br />fire services, parks and recreation, facilities maintenance, <br />