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TUMWATER PARKS & RECREATION 2017 TASK FORCE <br />MINUTES OF MEETING <br />March 22, 2017 Page 1 <br />CONVENE: 7:12 p.m. <br />PRESENT: Task Force Members: Mayor Pete Kmet, Chuck Denney, Parks & <br />Recreation Director; Todd Anderson, Recreation Manager; Stan <br />Osborn, Parks and Facilities Manager; Erin Carrier, Parks and <br />Recreation Commission; Amy Hargrove, Parks & Recreation <br />Commission; Kelly Stowe, Parks & Recreation Commission; <br />Charles Schneider, Community Volunteer; Joel Hansen, Planning <br />Commission; Dee Schouweiler, Tumwater Youth Program <br />Volunteer; Nancy Bishop, OTC Senior Council; Lindsey Graham, <br />Tumwater High School Student; Macy Bergford, Tumwater High <br />School Student; Dallas Roberts, Denny Heck District <br />Representative; Rob Warner, South Sound Foursquare <br />Church/Tumwater High School Baseball Coach; Ben Briggs, <br />Tumwater Soccer Club; and Tim Graham, Tumwater High School <br />Athletic Director. <br />Staff. City Administrator John Doan, Parks and Recording <br />Secretary Tom Gow. <br />WELCOME BY MAYOR Mayor Kmet thanked everyone for taking the time to participate as a <br />KMET: member of the Parks and Recreation Task Force. <br />The goal of the Task Force is to review the City's current and future <br />parks and recreation programs and facilities and make <br />recommendations to the City Council on how to sustainably fund <br />those programs and facilities. <br />Because of steps by voters and the legislature, cities have become <br />constrained in ways to raise revenue for programs and facilities. <br />Today, the era is "a la carte" government whereby any <br />enhancements to City government require voter support to increase <br />specific taxes. Tumwater voters have been very generous in their <br />support of a public safety ballot measure to expand the Police <br />Department facility, hire additional police officers, purchase fire <br />engines and equipment, and hire additional firefighters. <br />Additionally, in 2015, Tumwater voters approved an incremental <br />sales tax increase to fund street and sidewalk maintenance. This <br />summer, the City is programmed to make $2 million in street <br />improvements. <br />Tumwater voters have historically supported programs that are well <br />thought out. However, there is also a limit in terms of tax increases, <br />which speaks to the importance of preparing a well -crafted proposal <br />to present to Tumwater voters for supporting parks and recreation <br />programs and facilities. The City has not been able to sustain <br />adequate funding to maintain parks and facilities, as well as staffing <br />