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<br /> <br />VVJ-{'E'R'EA.5~ it is the mission of the Asset Building Coalition of Thurston County to form and <br />strengthen a seamless integrated network of providers and local community resources <br />to terminate the cycle of poverty and lack of fimmcial resources that historically plague <br />the under-served population; cU1d <br /> <br />VVJ-{'E'R'EA.5, the Asset Building Coalition of Thurston County, through its network of prO\~ders and <br />community resources, mal<.es available opportunities for people with limited incomes to <br />become more financially stable and to remove their own barriers that allow them to <br />become self-sufficient; and <br /> <br />VVJ-{'E'R'EA.5, at least 30% of adult residents in Thurston County do not have a checking or savings <br />account; 70,000 adults and children throughout the county live in a household <br />classified as low-income according to federal poverty guidelines; and 22,000 residents <br />are uninsured with a high exposure to unpredictable catastrophic care events; and <br /> <br />VVJ-{'E'R'EA.5, the Asset Building Coalition of Thurston County is part of a larger statewide initiative <br />focused on expanding financial assets of low income people across the state; and <br /> <br />VVJ-{'E'R'EA.5~ locally, the Asset Building Coalition of Thurston County created a 5-lmb system with <br />representa.tives from food, housing, income, financial management and health. <br />Limited income citizens can learn how to best build and protect net worth to use their <br />financial resources to be self-sufficient in paying for basic food, housing, <br />transporta.tion, child care and still save for the future; and <br /> <br />VVJ-{'E'R'EA.5, when service providers and community resource agencies collaborate, they conserve <br />their resources with efficient referrals, improve their capacity to problem solve, <br />reduce duplication of sef\~ces and more adeptly prepare for funding opportunities to <br />support priorities. <br /> <br />NOVV TJ-{'E'R'E:JO'R'E, I, Ralph C. Osgood, Mayor of the City of Tumwater, do hereby <br />proclaim <br /> <br />~ib 2009 <br /> <br />~ gjft'tik&~ ?3oalui/J1l/!I <br />~ffIl/ ?3Olf/llfI ~/A, <br /> <br />and I call upon tlle people of the City of Tumwater to focus on building indi\~dual assets, <br />improve asset building skills among limited income residents and for local service providers to join in the <br />effort and coordination to improve the quality of life tllroughout the community. <br /> <br />IN VVIT:N'E55 VVJ-{'E'R'EO:J, I have hereunto set my hand and caused tlle Great Seal of the <br />City of Tumwat 0 be aflixed at the City Hall, tlllS 17'" day of March, in the year, two thousand and nine. <br /> <br /> <br />